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Prescription Drug Detox

Overcoming Addiction to a Legal Substance

Prescription drug abuse is increasing throughout the country, not only are patients becoming addicted to their medications, but individuals are selling and distributing prescriptions to those that do not need these types of prescriptions.  For those addicts that find themselves attempting to overcome their addiction to prescription drugs it is necessary to undergo a specific prescription drug detox program that can help to successfully treat the individual.

Who can seek prescription drug detox assistance?

If you are wondering if you, or your loved one, are a candidate for prescription drug detox, you should ask yourself if you feel that you have an addiction to a prescription drug. Do you overuse/abuse barbiturates, sleeping medications, pain killers, amphetamines, or any other medications that are prescribed by a physician? If you feel that you are in need of drug addiction help then it is important to seek information on the first step of rehabilitation, which is done in detox programs.

How detox programs work

Treatment of the physical addiction that prescription drugs have over an addict is the goal of a detox program.  It is a necessary step in the recovery process to ensure that the system of the user is free from prescription drugs so that they can focus on the psychological effects of treatment.  In the process of prescription drug detox it is important to understand that the body is purified of the drugs in your system in a healthy and safe manner  for the addict.

Why detox is necessary to get clean?

Many individuals that do not seek addiction detox will have difficulty dealing with the withdrawal symptoms of certain prescription drugs on their own, or without the assistance of medical professionals. When you enter into a prescription drug detox program you will be supervised by a medical team that can help you through the physical symptoms of withdrawal until your system is free detoxified of the prescription drug that you abuse, and then you can enter into rehabilitative programs.

What symptoms are often felt in detoxification?

During addiction detox programs for prescription drugs the symptoms that one can experience will vary based on the drug abused. Many will have nausea, feel fatigued, have body aches and many will become irritable, it is a culmination of symptoms that will lead an individual, who is not supervised by a medical staff, to reuse again to overcome these feelings. However, with the assistance of trained professionals these symptoms can be controlled and the individual can complete the detoxification process with success.

Finding a prescription drug detox program near you

When looking for a prescription drug detox program near you, it can be difficult to find one that is specific to your needs. Call the Detox Help professionals today with questions regarding locating a program for your addiction needs, or those of your loved one.