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Rules of Xanax Recovery

To achieve a full Xanax recovery, you do not need to change your whole life. There are only a few things you have to change. You should also be prepared to do things you are not used to. To start with, you will need to avoid anything that might get you in trouble. To move forward, you need to move on from your old life.

To recover from Xanax, you do not have to stop using the drug immediately. You need to taper down so that you will be able to handle the symptoms better.

Avoid situations that are of high-risk

The high risk factors are described in one acronym; HALT. This stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired. These are the four things that trigger most relapses. Avoid stressful situations, eat well and start a hobby that will keep you engaged and happy. You cannot avoid all the high risk situations but you can stay away from most of them. The trick here is to take better care of yourself.


Xanax is not the only thing that can help you calm down. If you experience panic attacks, there are many relaxation techniques you can use in place of medication. Yoga and breathing techniques will do wonders if utilized appropriately. Generally speaking, you need to change the way you relieve stress if you want a full Xanax recovery.

Be honest

Honesty is the key to Xanax recovery. If you are in denial, getting the best support will not be easy. You need to open up to your Xanax group members and accept that you are an addict. Moreover, when talking to your doctor, do not lie or hold anything back.

The above rules will help with Xanax recovery. As a side note, you must respect yourself. Bending the rules will not do you any good. Heed to the advice of your doctor.