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The Side Effects of Percocet Abuse

Percocet is a very effective narcotic drug that is recommended by doctors for average to serious discomfort. This drug is a mixture of acetaminophen and oxycodone and is a member of the opioid family, which creates dependence and is susceptible to misuse. Even though Percocet has such high prospects to form a habit, it’s worth noting that misuse and habit are two individual problems and must be handled as such even though many of the causing effects may be the same for both circumstances.

Beginning Effects
The oxycodone that exists in Percocet was first produced in Germany in 1916. Freund and Speyer of the University of Frankfurt synthesized the medication as a substitute to morphine, codeine and narcotics in the desires that it would cause less dependency. Unfortunately, it was only partially effective as the new medication was almost as addictive due to its opioid qualities.

Actual and Chemical
On an actual physical and substance level, Percocet energizes the “reward” center of the mind. When the drug is used or misused for a prolonged time, the risk of becoming dependent increases in most people. For most doctors, anything beyond 3 weeks of taking Percocet is considered prolonged use. This can cause powerful desires for the drug, while at the same time further exciting the brain’s “reward” system. Other physical effects of misuse are labored breathing, bowel problems, itchiness and feeling sick.

Psychological and Emotional
In addition to the actual results, misuse of Percocet has noticeable psychological and emotional results. Even if one does not misuse oxycodone for actual reasons, psychological misuse is common. Percocet is an effective prescribed analgesic because it prevents the brain’s discomfort receptors, often leading to a feeling of excitement, which can lead to psychological habit. The consequences of mentally based oxycodone addiction may include regret and pity over the misuse and the actions it may have triggered.

When it comes to family, friends and public circumstances, Percocet misuse can have impressive results. It can cause the destruction of close personal connections such as parent-to-child connections, as one example. Percocet misuse can also intervene with job performance and in some situations may lead to the loss of a job. In many circumstances, these public results can aggravate the real and mental results.

The effects of Percocet misuse touch everybody’s lives, even those who have never had any contact with the drug. Narcotic misuse in the United States costs taxpayers immeasurable dollars per year in medical care expenses, criminal rights systems expenses and clinical expenses. Additionally, this extensive misuse is connected to a large part of the major criminal offenses in the United States such as aggressive criminal offenses like murder.