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Side Effects of Percocet Seen with Addiction

Percocet has a wide range of side effects, many of which are seen in people that have abused the drug for a long time. Some are severe, while others are general. We can observe some rare side effects too. The common side effects of Percocet are given below:

Dizzy                                        less severe

Not feeling well             less severe

Low Blood Pressure                 less severe

Drowsiness                               less severe

Feeling weak                            less severe

Irregular side effects of Percocet include:

Head pain                                 less severe

Nervousness                           less severe

Fever                                       less severe

Excessive sweating                   less severe

Diarrhea                                   less severe

Rare side effects of Percocet include:

Itching                                                              severe

Stevens-Jhonson Syndrome                              severe

Abnormal increase in muscle tone                      severe

Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis                              severe

Inflammation of skin caused by allergy   severe

Rash/hives                                                        severe

Hepatitis caused by drugs                                 severe

Acute liver failure                                              severe

Depression                                                       severe

Blood clots                                                       severe

Constipation                                                     moderate to severe

Bronchospasm                                                  severe

Problems with Circulation                                 severe

Lung Failure Causing Loss of Breath                 severe

Vocal Cord Swelling                                         severe

A spasm of the larynx                                       severe

Collapsed Portion of Lung                                severe

Trouble breathing                                              severe

Migraine Headache                                           severe

Restlessness                                                     severe

Confusion                                                         severe

There are varieties of Percocet side effects that have been reported in addicts. Sometimes we may suffer from any of the above side effects from the moment we start taking the medication. It is important that you report any unusual symptoms to your doctor.