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Signs of Liver Failure to Be Aware of for People in Recovery

The liver is one of the most vital organs that the body must have in order to function properly. Those who are in recovery with a damaged liver are going to eventually show signs of liver failure that must be treated by a physician. Alcohol is a common cause, but other drugs can cause significant damage as well. Liver failure is a serious condition, but a doctor can help the person in recovery to deal with what is happening and to suggest ways in which they can improve the function of their liver. With this being said, the liver is what disposes of toxins that enter into the body. When the liver is damaged and not functioning as it should, these toxins have nowhere to go but into the body. When these toxins are in the body, the person starts to experience symptoms of sickness, because these toxins are deadly to the body. This is why a person should always be mindful of their health and seek medical attention whenever this is necessary.

When a doctor first looks for signs that the liver is not impaired in its function, they are going to look at the skin color. When the skin and the whites of the eye start to turn yellow, this is a sign of jaundice. This is going to happen very soon after toxins are being released into the bloodstream. This is why doctors often look to this as the first sign that the liver is indeed damaged and not working properly.

Once the doctor sees the yellowing of skin, they are also going to look for other symptoms. These symptoms are going to range from person to person. But, most people notice that they are tired, and no amount of sleep is helping them with their fatigue. In addition, they are going to see weight loss and a suppressed appetite. The person will also notice that their bowel movements may be different and this is cause for alarm. Aside from this, the person may have the feeling as though they have the flu or a serious cold. When all these types of symptoms are present, a doctor will usually order a series of blood tests. These blood tests are looking at the level of toxins that are in the body and if these levels are too high to have the liver functioning normally. When this is the case, the doctor is then going to look at the options that the person has in dealing with this. The course of treatment is probably going to be a lifestyle change to help the liver in dealing with the toxins that the body is introduced to on a daily basis. Detox recovery centers can help with removing the dependency that the person has to the substance that is causing the liver failure.