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Signs of Vicodin Withdrawal

The two substances in Vicodin are acetaminophen, a typical discomfort reducer, and hydrocodone, an opiate. Used temporarily, Vicodin successfully reduces average to serious discomfort. Opiates are confirmed to be both mentally and physically addictive, however, and many people that have taken Vicodin for a long period become dependent and can experience symptoms of withdrawal once they quit taking it. These symptoms of withdrawal are distressing and serious, but they are not always life threatening.

Psychological Symptoms

If you have become dependent on Vicodin, you will experience a powerful craving for it soon after the first skipped dosage. Many individuals encounter stress, frustration and even the terrifying feeling that they will die if they do not get more Vicodin instantly. Most physicians will not recommend anti-anxiety medicines to get you through this level, since diazepam are also obsessive, but hypertension level drugs Clonidine has been proven to relaxed individuals being affected by opiate withdrawal.

Beginning Physical Symptoms

The early physical signs usually start to happen around 12 hours after the last use of Vicodin. They consist of muscular pain, highly effective pains in the leg muscular tissue, ripping of the sight, lack of ability to rest, rhinitis, perspiration and yawning. Clonidine can relieve many of these symptoms as well.

Later Physical Symptoms

Later physical symptoms generally appear 15 to 20 time after the last use of Vicodin. They consist of nausea or vomiting such as abdomen pains, nausea or vomiting, nausea or vomiting and diarrhea; dilated students, goose lumps and chills are common. Serious nausea or vomiting and diarrhoea can lead to lack of fluids. If you can’t take liquids orally area, you may need to be handled with IV liquids. The most unfortunate of the symptoms usually decrease within 30 time of the last Vicodin use, but it may be seven to 10 times before you feel completely healthy again.

Long Term Cravings

Getting through the physical withdrawal symptoms is only 50 percent the fight. You may find yourself still wanting the “high” you got from Vicodin or losing the treatment Vicodin offered. Get assistance from a consultant who is knowledgeable for people with prescribed medication harmful addictions and plan to be present at an assistance team like Drugs Unknown. If you are still having problems with discomfort, discuss to your physician and ask for a recommendation to a discomfort medical center.

The Confused Addict

Some individuals can take Vicodin for several weeks and not become actually dependent; others become actually reliant after only a few dosage. Some individuals who quit getting Vicodin may not even recognize they have become actually reliant and may feature the withdrawal symptoms they encounter to a situation of the flu or meals harming. Those who do not know they were dependent in the first position do not generally encounter emotional desires for Vicodin.