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Southeastern New Hampshire Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services

Southeastern New Hampshire has many drug treatment centers. They provide all the necessary care to patients who are struggling from substance abuse problem. They are majorly funded by New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services/Division of Community Services, Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services.

Their programs are tailor made to deal with chronic, biopsychosocial and progressive substance abuse and associated disorders. They have qualified staff with professional training in providing education and counseling on patients and their families and friends to reduce the impact of the drug addiction in their lives.

Their treatment approach utilizes the most modern techniques in Evidence Based Practices which includes Motivational Enhancement Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. They endeavor to make their treatment compatible to the set abuse treatment standards such as the Twelve Step Program like the Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. These treatment programs are quite highly structured.

The approach used by this facility is to get the patients participate in group sessions, individual counseling, lectures, psychodrama, art & expressive therapy, intensive relapse prevention education and other numerous components.


Admission in this facility begins with the patient booking an appointment via a phone call. You can reach their residential services on phone at any time of the day or night, everyday of the week. Over the phone, they ask you several interview questions and then give you the information you need to get admitted to their facility. For inquires on admission you may reach them on phone number 603-516-8181.

They also provide training services to individuals and organization on various aspects of substance abuse. They train you on how to handle people suffering from addiction, cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy and all of the relevant clinical topics.

In 2005 they established the Southeastern New Hampshire Services Foundation, whose mission was to support the work of the agency. It achieves this through: fund raising activities, bequests, donations and educational programs for individuals and professionals who are interested in having a better knowledge on substance abuse, their associated disorders and the various treatment approaches that are available.

This agency also provide teaching and consultation services to school systems administrations, employers, community groups, universities and health care organization on various matters concerning alcohol and drug abuse. For inquiries on these services, you may reach the agency on phone number 603 516 8160.