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A Standard Timeline for Xanax Recovery

It is easy to abandon the Xanax recovery program during the first few days. This is when the withdrawal symptoms are at the peak. The secret is to focus on the big picture. Once you achieve a full recovery, you will have your whole life to enjoy. To increase your chances of completing the program, work with a doctor and join a support group. This basic recovery time line has 4 phases.

Phase One

The withdrawal symptoms start as soon as the Xanax in your body depletes. This starts within 24 to 72 hours. In this phase, a patient has a high chance of experiencing seizures. Professional monitoring is very important at this stage especially if you have a past of neurological disorders. You may also experience mood swings, increased heart rate, insomnia, and suffer vomiting and nausea.

Phase Two

The second phase starts a week after withdrawal. In this stage, you may still experience increased heart rate, irritability, racing thoughts, insomnia and increased anxiety. You may also suffer rebound anxiety problems if you were being treated for anxiety. Increased craving for Xanax may similarly be experienced at this stage.

Phase Three

This is recorded in the second week. Most of the symptoms registered in the second phase may cross over and at times be more amplified. The best thing about this phase is that there are no risks of seizures, tremors and other severe symptoms.

Phase Four

This is the final phase in your Xanax recovery. The withdrawal symptoms in week three to four will be subsiding and your sleeping patterns will have normalized. You may, however, expect minor symptoms such as agitation and sensitivity.

The four phases of Xanax recovery are for the people who have been using Xanax prescription. In the case of addicts, the recovery period may extend for a couple of months.