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Steps Taken in Norfolk County Detox Treatments

A normal program in detox treatment for physical dependence often does not address the precedents of social factors, addiction, complex behavioral issues or the psychological addictions that are associated with the addiction. It is critical that you be hyper vigilant when picking a detox treatment center in Norfolk County if you are searching for the best care. The treatment will always include three steps.


In detox treatments, a clinician may choose to use tapering or rapid detox. The choice will, however, be dependent on your needs as a patient. After beginning the detox process, the doctor will do some tests to identify the specific substances that are in your body as well as their amounts. He will also do more tests to evaluate the potential of dual diagnosis, co-occurring disorders as well as behavioral or mental issues.


In the second step, you will be guided through the detoxification process. This stage may involve the administration of medication though this is not always necessary. The patient is made aware of what he/she should expect during detoxification and recovery. In a good clinic in Norfolk County, the people closest to you will be involved in this step.

Guiding the patient

The third step involves guiding the patient into the detox treatment. You will be readied for the recovery process and accorded the support you need to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. At times, you may be required to sign an agreement before the treatment starts. Considering detox treatment is not the final stage in full recovery, you will be required to enroll in rehab programs.

You can complete the three stages as an outpatient or an inpatient. The latter is more preferable. However, your choice will be dependent on your daily plans and the severity of your addiction.