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Addictions To Alcohol and Drugs:

Addictions to alcohol and drugs is a crippling disease that can take many forms. It is defined quite simply as the inability to cease performing an action regardless of having full knowledge of the consequences. Addictions comes in many forms, from gambling to drugs to alcohol and even sex. Even though it is so commonly seen, it remains poorly understood by even experts in the field of psychology. Each new version of the DSM (the diagnosis book used by psychologists) has had a differing definition of how to determine if one is truly addicted. For simplicity, they can be divided into two forms: physical and psychological.

Physical addictions comes about when one is repeatedly exposed to habit-forming drugs such as painkillers, and the body begins to develop not only a tolerance for the substance, but also comes to rely on it as a part of normal functioning. This is one of the harder forms of addiction to break, as it requires having to go through withdrawal, and the pain associated with coming down from a hard drug is oftentimes enough to completely shatter any dream an addict may have had about trying to break their addiction and regain the lives they once had..

Drug and Alcohol Addictions

Drug and Alcohol Addictions

Psychological addiction is less intense on the body when trying to break it, but it can be even more difficult to treat in some ways. While one is capable of avoiding the effects of withdrawal that come from drugs such as crack or heroin, these forms of addiction can be harder to overcome because they are rooted deep within the brain and require intense behavior modification.

Whatever it is that you have an addiction to, once to admit that you do have a problem, you can begin the long process of recovery, especially when it comes to common addictions such as with drugs and alcohol. This is not a journey that you have to take on your own, as there are many places you can turn to for help, and you will need help in order to conquer this terrible affliction. With the proper guidance and the drive to do so, you can get your life back.


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