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Symptoms Experienced with Alcohol Withdrawal Anxiety

Those who have alcohol withdrawal anxiety are going to find that at the beginning of their symptoms, they may think that there is nothing that is really bothering them. Many people think that the feelings they are having are basically their own personality and attitude coming through since they have stopped drinking. However, this type of anxiety is only amplifying what the person is feeling. For example, someone who is naturally a tense person will find that after they stop drinking, these feelings of tension usually get worse. The reason for this is that the alcohol is no longer in their system and they have to deal with everything without using alcohol as a crutch. Due to the feelings that this can bring about in a person, they are going to find that more people return to their drinking because they simply cannot deal with what they are feeling.

The symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal anxiety are having a tense or fearful feeling without really having a reason for why you are feeling like this. Many people contribute this type of thinking to worrying too much, but when this happens it is the brains way of saying that something is off. In most cases, the person is going to find that their brain has a chemical imbalance. Even having a small imbalance is going to cause anxiety to start building and without proper treatment, a person will find that this will only get worse. On top of feeling fear and being tense, those who have anxiety often report that during certain times they may feel as though they cannot breathe. The reason for this is that the person may be having a panic attack that is brought about due to the anxiety they are feeling. There are several people who can pinpoint what causes these panic attacks, while others are not able to say for sure what sets them over the edge.

The important aspect to remember is that if you start seeing symptoms that could be traced to alcohol withdrawal anxiety, a person needs to seek professional help. Through getting medical attention the person has a higher chance of not returning to drinking and staying sober. These professionals utilize several methods to help the person to deal with their anxiety and to learn how to control this and eventually get rid of it. There is no shame in a person asking for help, as this is going to increase the chances of staying sober.