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How Does Tapering Detox Treatment Work in Norfolk County?

Tapering is a detox treatment method that involves the gradual reduction of the substance a patient is addicted to. Unlike rapid detox which takes almost 48 hours for the patient to recover, tapering detox treatment takes weeks or even months. A patient can taper off on his/her own but it is highly recommended to work with a reputable clinician in a good Norfolk County detox treatments center.

In Norfolk County and other places, the first step in this treatment is usually an extensive examination process. This is done to determine if it is the right time to taper off. The examination will also help the clinician choose the medication and tapering rate that is best for you.

Tapering is done using a substitute drug similar to the one a person is addicted to and preferably one with a longer half-life. Once you are stable with the substitute drug, tapering will begin. The drug is often lowered each day. This helps the body to adjust to the new level. With time, the patient is able to go on with life without depending on the drug.

It is important to note that tapering does not work consistently throughout the withdrawal process. A patient may experience withdrawal symptoms occasionally or continuously after some time. To deal with these symptoms, the level of the drug taken is increased for a while before readjusting.

The withdrawal symptoms are what make getting help in a reputable Norfolk County detox treatment center very important. The clinician will evaluate your progress and prescribe the best treatment to deal with the symptoms and also to accelerate the recovery process. Additionally, once you stop using the drug, you will need at least 48 hours of medical supervision to make sure no complications arise.