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How to Tell if a Loved One has Alcohol Withdrawal Anxiety

Those who are addicted to alcohol are going to show signs to their loved ones that will help a loved one to get the person the help they need. However, most people think that once the person they love is seeking help and stopping to drink, their job is done. It is most definitely not done, as the withdrawal process is something that the person is going to need help with. One of the aspects that you need to watch in an alcoholic is whether they are starting to show signs of alcohol withdrawal anxiety. This can come on as soon as the person stops drinking, or it can be weeks after the person has stopped drinking. It is important that you know what the signs are so you can help the person to realize their goal of becoming sober. There are those who suffer from this anxiety and end up starting to drink again because it is too hard to handle on their own, yet their loved ones may never know why they started drinking again.

Knowing the signs of alcohol withdrawal anxiety is going to help a loved one to notice if the alcoholic in their lives is suffering. It is not as hard to notice anxiety as most people would think. There are several things that the person may start to do that they would otherwise not do. For example, there are several people who suffer from anxiety and they will start to have panic attacks. If at any time during the withdrawal process, you start to notice that the person is having a hard time in breathing, sweating profusely and seem to be a bit paranoid, chances are they are having an anxiety attack that is brought on from the withdrawal of alcohol. Other times, a person may simply start to do things that they would normally not do. They may become paranoid and they may even start to sneak around to sip on alcohol. In most of these cases, the person does not really know why they are doing this, yet it is the anxiety that is weighing on their minds and making them turn to these types of activities.

If you start to notice signs of alcohol withdrawal anxiety, get the person the professional help they need to get through this. You will also find that you need to be supportive throughout this point to ensure the person does not succumb to the idea of drinking again.