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The Detox Process Necessary

A lot of drug users and abusers find the detox process to be possibly the scariest part of drug addiction treatment and recovery. After all, this is the part where they’re being deprived of the drug they’ve come to depend upon, where the frightening withdrawal symptoms will appear; it can be a terrifying prospect for an addict. But knowing the process and understanding its importance may help this process become a little more palatable for the user looking to overcome their drug abuse problem.


Drug Abuse


Drug abuse can arise from various drugs, and the habits of the users themselves. It doesn’t have to be a recreational habit, or an illicit drug, that comes to be abused; prescription drugs used for legitimate need may eventually be abused by the user as well. So, knowing what to look for in your loved one may help you to recognize if they have an abuse problem or a drug addiction that will require detox and treatment to overcome.


Drug Addiction


Addiction to drugs is a serious matter that, left unattended, only gets worse with time; this makes it harder and harder for the user to overcome their addiction. Getting someone with a drug problem into an effective drug detox process can help increase the odds of successful recovery from drug addiction.


Drug Detox


The detox process is relatively straightforward – it’s the cleansing process the body must go through in order to rid itself of the lingering traces and effects of the drugs within. The process itself varies depending on the drug abused, the length of time the individual used those drugs, and how severe that use was. For some drugs, there are no medications on the market today that can help with the cravings or withdrawal symptoms; on the other hand, for drugs like opiates and opioids the withdrawal can be so severe that most doctors will recommend either an MMT – Methadone Maintenance Treatment – or sedation and anesthesia, during which the user is put into an unconscious state while a solution is pumped through the body, rapidly detoxing them in the process.


Some drug detox processes can take a mere few days to complete while others, like the MMT, are much more slowly progressing. No matter what kind of drug, though, detox and treatment are your best bet for a healthy, full recovery. If you or someone you love has a drug abuse, dependence or addiction problem, learning as much as you can about the detox process can help you to determine the right detox and treatment program for your needs.