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The Perils of Oxycodone Drug Abuse

Oxycodone is an ugly drug, because it has wonderful medical applications that help a great many people – even as it addicts thousands of people each year. Synthesized from thebaine, a product derived from the opium poppy, oxycodone is prescribed to people suffering from acute, chronic pain, such as those who suffer from the pains of cancer and its treatments.


Oxycodone Abuse

Unfortunately, because of its beneficial effects, many users – both legitimate and recreational – can find themselves overusing this drug. Further, oxycodone builds up a tolerance within the body of the user, so that with time greater dosages will be needed to achieve the desired effects of the drug. Both of these circumstances lead to oxycodone abuse, wherein the user will use larger amounts of oxy, whether they’re in true need of the drug or not.


Oxycodone Addiction and Dependence

Eventually, oxycodone abuse will lead to addiction or dependence in the user. This means that their bodies or minds will come to need the drug in order to function. This state can be very painful, and cause the user to take the oxy whether or not it’s time for their next dose, and often in a higher measure than originally prescribed. Oxycodone addiction and dependence is no small matter, and often requires detox and rehabilitative treatment to overcome.


Oxycodone Detox

Oxycodone detox is the process by which the user is weaned off the drug, until it no longer resides within their system. This process can be achieved through a variety of methods, such as opiate substitution, or a rapid detox involving sedation and anesthesia during which a solution is administered intravenously to cleanse the body of any lingering traces of oxy. Either method should be overseen by medically trained professionals, due to the potential hazards of opiate or opioid withdrawal.  After the detox is taken care of, whatever means you use, the next step is oxycodone rehabilitation to reduce the possibility for relapse.


Oxycodone Rehabilitation and Treatment

Because oxycodone addiction and dependence takes a strong hold over the mind and willpower of the individual, often oxy detox isn’t enough to help the user kick the habit for good. That’s why it’s recommended that rehabilitation and treatment be sought by the individual, using such methods as cognitive behavioral therapies to help them learn how to avoid potential drug abuse situations, and provides them the mental means to cope with their cravings for the drug. Oxycodone rehabilitation and treatment can be undergone in either a residential – inpatient – facility or in outpatient status; either way will help users through treatment, counseling and peer group sessions aimed at helping them overcome their oxy addiction for the rest of their lives.