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Top Signs of Liver Failure in Alcoholics

The body works together like a well-oiled machine, but when one organ of the body is not functioning properly, the person is going to feel incredibly sick. This is especially true of the liver and for alcoholics, who cause significant damage to their liver from their habit. The liver is responsible for getting rid of toxins that are in the body and when it starts to malfunction, these toxins have nowhere to go but into the bloodstream of the body, making a person very sick. This is when the person will start to notice that they have signs of liver failure, and this is when they need to get to a doctor to find out what is going on. Those who do this in a timely manner may be able to get their liver functioning properly or at least learn what to do in order to avoid coming into contact with so many toxins that are admiring to their bodies.

Though there are several signs that the liver is not working right, the first that most people look at in people with alcoholism is the coloring of their skin and the whites of their eyes. When toxins are released into the blood stream, one of the firs things to happen is that the skin begins to turn yellow. This is known as jaundice and is signals that the toxins are starting to get into the body. This is when the person should make an appointment with their doctor to determine whether the liver is to blame for this or not.

Other signs that a person with liver damage caused by alcoholism may show are a pain in their abdomen that may be accompanied with the abdomen looking as though it is swelling, which is a result of fluid that is building up around the liver. Many people state that they feel tired all the time and they ache all over as though they have the flu. This is accompanies with a decrease in appetite and weight loss. When all of these signs are evident, the person’s doctor will order blood tests to determine the toxin level in the blood. When this level is high, is mostly likely signals that there is a problem with how the liver is functioning. When this is the case, the person will be given certain dietary restrictions, a list of supplements to take and other medications that are meant to help correct the function of the liver. However, most people will find that they will need to change their lifestyle in order to deal with this new life.