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Xanax Addiction

Xanax is an alprazolam and just like Xanor and Niravam, they are all classified under benzodiazepines. Xanax can be used as a tranquilizer or a sedative. It is used to treat anxiety (whether panic attacks or mild attacks) therefore it can be bought over the counter. It helps to slow down how the brain operates to prevent panic attacks. It is also used in the detoxification process of alcoholism and in certain doses it can be used to treat depression. Females experiencing mood swings that are often brought about by Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) can take Xanax to reduce the side effects. Since Xanax is used to treat so many things, it’s often misused thus leading to addiction being that it’s a highly addictive drug. People are advised to take Xanax under doctor’s care due to its addiction properties. If a person consumes Xanax for a long time, the body will develop a tolerance to the drug therefore the person has to increase the intake in order to achieve the required effect. This results in Xanax addiction.

Ingesting Xanax has both positive and negative effects. Some of the positive effects include the fact that the drug calms and relaxes the body and the mind. However some of the related side effects include impaired co-ordination, drowsiness, weight gain and speech difficulties. If you realize that a person close to you is experiencing these symptoms, call our helpline immediately and we will guide you in a withdrawal procedure from Xanax addiction. Avoid self help detox since improper withdrawal from Xanax may result in anxiety and panic attacks. Other symptoms associated with sudden withdrawal include depression, headaches, tremors, rapid breathing, insomnia, seizures and nervousness. In order for proper detoxification from Xanax addiction, the patient needs doctor supervision which is the reason why we have qualified staff to monitor our patients during the detox process.

There is medication which helps wean a Xanax addict of the drug leaving them free from toxins. Note that, the medicine offered to patients undergoing Xanax detoxification is just used to reduce the effect of Xanax withdrawal but are not used to make the person free from Xanax. However, since the withdrawal symptoms may be hard to cope with for some people, we have a group of qualified individuals that monitor the patients closely to make sure they don’t harm themselves.

Once the patient is Xanax free, we conduct follow ups to make sure there is no relapsing. We always advise our patients to stay away from environments that are likely to induce taking of the drug. If possible, hire someone to take care of you and always have a sponsor just a phone call away who can help you if you are about to relapse. Once in a while you may be required to do a drug test to make sure you have not relapsed.

The essence of detoxification is that once the toxins from Xanax are eliminated from your body, you should look for another hobby that will keep your thoughts free from Xanax. This way, it will be difficult for you to relapse. If you or someone you know is suffering from Xanax addiction, contact us immediately!