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Xanax Recovery – Detox Option for the Addicts

Xanax is used to increase the volume of GABA. This is a chemical produced by the body and helps a person to be calm. However, when there are low levels of GABA production in the body, a doctor will prescribe Xanax to deal with the deficiency. This helps treat anxiety, depression and other mood disorders. People are learning of the calming effects of this drug and it is hence one of the most abused prescription drugs in the market. It is very addictive too.

Unlike people using Xanax as a prescription from their physicians, addicts have to follow a different process in Xanax recovery. To start with, doctors will not prescribe the drug to addicts. This is because they do not know how much you have been abusing. Addicts must enroll in a detoxification program for help.

As an addict, you will be required to admit how much of the Xanax drug you have been using. A urine test submission is also required to rule out the possibility of other drugs being at play.

To help the addict achieve a peaceful Xanax recovery, he or she is given smaller doses of the drug to help with withdrawal. The withdrawal symptoms are observed by a doctor. At times, a rapid detoxification method may be chosen. In this method, the symptoms may disappear in two weeks. This recovery path is more rigorous and may be more discomforting but a patient is required to agree to take medication in case severe symptoms arise.

In addition to tapering down and taking other medication, patients in the detox program are required to develop a range of tools to help stay clean. Participants start the stay clean program as soon as their addiction symptoms start to subside. The support program includes counseling and participation in group sessions.