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Xanax Recovery – Its Impacts on Your Brain

GABA is a chemical produced in the brain. Its function is to control how you react to situations. People who are always having panic attacks usually have low volumes of GABA being produced. To compensate for the deficiency, a physician prescribes Xanax. However, over time, the body realizes that it doesn’t have to produce more GABA because it can rely on that coming from the drugs. This leads to an addiction which makes Xanax recovery very difficult.

After a few weeks of regular use, a person becomes addicted. This happens when the body becomes dormant in the production of GABA because it depends on the supply coming from the drugs. The liver, on the other hand, produces more enzymes to destroy Xanax. This leads to a reduced supply which calls for the taking of more Xanax. With time, to achieve calmness, an addict will need a higher dosage. The body changes are not limited to the anxiety patients. Anybody who abuses the drug experiences the same changes at an almost equal rate.

The body changes form the foundation of Xanax addiction and are why Xanax recovery can be difficult. The abrupt discontinuation of the use of the drug leads to severe and even fatal withdrawal syndromes. A patient must reduce his dosage gradually to achieve a peaceful Xanax recovery. This is because the body has to revert back to normal and this may take weeks or even months.

Due to the body changes that Xanax causes, it is important that you work with a physician during the Xanax recovery process. He will assess the extent of damage caused, monitor your progress and taper down your dosage accordingly. You should also join a support group. Here, you will get guidance and counseling and also get motivation by listening to the success stories of people who have recovered from the addiction.