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Xanax Recovery – How to Work with Your Doctor

Xanax is a drug used to deal with anxiety and depression issues. Due to the impacts it has on a patient’s life, it is easy to get addicted to it. However, in spite of it being a prescription drug, it does have a number of side effects some of which are dangerous. It is this reason that makes the need to withdrawal from Xanax essential. Working with your doctor during the recovery process is invaluable and here is why.

Know when it is right to taper down

Unlike most drug addictions, it is not wise to discontinue the use of Xanax at any time. There are a few factors that will determine whether the time is right to taper down or not. Your doctor will ask you a couple of questions regarding your stressful times, why you want to discontinue the use of the drug, whether you have somebody to help you through the Xanax recovery process and whether you will be ready to take the drug in the dosage provided.

The doctor will then reduce your dosage gradually after a few weeks or even a month. Tapering down involves the gradual reduction of the dose over a period of time until you are able to go on without using the medication.

Get support for the symptoms

The symptoms associated with Xanax withdrawal are often painful; both physically and emotionally. Your doctor is equipped to help you deal with them. At times, during the tapering down process, severe anxiety symptoms call for the need of going back on the drug. Only a qualified doctor can determine this.

Generally speaking, your doctor will keep track of your Xanax recovery progress and guide you so that you achieve the desired results painlessly. He will also recommend you to alternative medication and direct you to Xanax support groups. The secret is to be sincere and liaise with him every step of the way.